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Welcome To Building With Bean

Where Futures Are Built

At the heart of Building With Bean is the core belief that futures are built. We believe that every decision we make today lays one more brick in the foundation of the future that we are building for ourselves; the future we have been building since Day 1. At Building With Bean, our mission is to raise up a community of Future Builders, who want more for themselves, their loved ones, and their families – not just for today, but for tomorrow, as well.

By providing the relevant resources, guidance, and information, we aim to raise up a community of Future Builders who take measured steps today to increase their chances of success tomorrow.

Mission Statement

The Future Belongs To Those Who Build It

Who We Help

Business Owners

We work entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners who are looking for ways to maximize efficiency and profit.

How We Help

Invoicing Software Setup, Home-Based Business Startup, Best Accounting Practices, Debt Control And Profit Maximization, Tax Prep And Reduction, and much more!

How We Help

Relationship Building And Self Care, Recognizing Needs And Limitations, Home-Schooling, Developing An Effective Behavioral Reward System, Family Financial Planning, and more!

Parents & Guardians

We work with parents and guardians of school-aged children (kindergarten through high school)

College Students

We work with Freshmen through Seniors who are studying at a college or university either part-time or full-time.

How We Help

Applying For Scholarships, Finding A Reliable Mentor, Generating Income And Budgeting, Working A Side Hustle, Managing Time, Balancing School And Life, Choosing The Right Major, and more!

How We Help

Making And Managing Money, Creating Multiple Streams of Income, Embracing Self-Care And Emotional Health, Planning For The Future And Having A Contingency Plan, Holding Yourself Accountable, and so much more!

Everyone Else

Even if you do not fall into one of the previous categories, there's a bright future ahead, just waiting for you to claim it!

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Be Resourceful & Claim Your (Free) Resources!

Enjoy these free downloadable worksheets, online financial calculators, and this fun quiz to help you determine your money spending personality, all compliments of our founder, Michaela Bean, The Resource Boss.

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What We Believe And Who We Help

Having a secure, rewarding, and beautiful future should be more than our hope, because it's our right! It is up to us to exercise that right by taking proactive measures to create a better tomorrow! Tap or click the image below to expand it and learn more about our beliefs and our community of Future Builders.